Fairsoft delivers high quality press sensitive tactical vests, which are able to detect and register hits.

Thanks to communication between our own developed software algoritm and high quality technical materials, our equipment is able to sense the difference between BB's and other objects. It also registers the location h=of indent, and will determine if that hit would have been fatal. Besides that, the player's GPS position will be registered too.

This information will be send real-time through our FairBox. The FairBox is a small device which a player will carrie on him. The Fairbox will send the information to our server.

Via de FairApp kan deze data live worden bekeken door de scheidsrechter.
Deze is web-based en dus via browser of mobiele app te benaderen.
De scheidsrechter kan zo met absolute zekerheid oordelen welke speler is geraakt en waar deze is geraakt.

As a extra feature, we provide a optional gadget, the FairGoggles. These are safetyglasses with build-in HD-camera. With thes you can record or stream your game live.

To be able to use our products, you'll need a data-connection. We provide in that too. We have 2 different kind of subscriptions.

It is also possible to rent our products, or to pay for them in terms. You can find more information about this in the menu, Our services.

If you would like to come and see (or try) our products before you buy them, please contact us to make an appointment.

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